Libramont Church Members - Summer 2008The Libramont Evangelical Church is a community of Christians wanting to deepen a biblical faith in Jesus Christ and live a biblical life in the wider community.
The church was planted in August 1983 and is a post of the Belgian Evangelical Mission.

Between 1983 and the present we have rented various buildings in the town of Libramont but have believed for a long time that there is a need to establish a permanent presence in the town. We believe that this will better enable us to serve the community in which we live. We currently meet in a local school and average 60 people, adults and children, at our Sunday service.

The building bought in 2002Our pastor is supported by a number of churches in England and individuals in both Belgium and England. The costs of running the church are borne by the members of the church. Thanks to the generosity of those who support this work from the UK and the tireless work of the previous pastor the church was able to buy in December 2002 a building and surrounding grounds.

A project to transform and renovate the building was started but was halted in the summer of 2004 as the estimated cost of the project started to rise beyond what the church considered to be a reasonable amount.

In December 2004 the church started a new project. Taking what we have learned from the previous project we have attempted to consider carefully our needs and our means. In late 2005 we approached a new architect with plans produced by the church itself. The architect used our ideas to form the basis of the plans shown.

The proposed buildingThe project proposed by the architect can be completed in a number of phases:

Phase 1: Renovation of the existing building and construction of the new extension including floors and exterior cladding.
Phase 2: installation of services such as gas, water, electricity and heating.
Phase 3: Interior work - walls, fixtures and fittings.

At the very least we hope to complete Phase 3 ourselves and, where possible, contribute to the work of Phase 2. For Phase 1 we will need to use outside contractors. We have already recently signed a contract to begin the renovation of the existing building and the construction of the walls of the extension

Plan of the proposed buildingLibramont town council has promised us €25.000, to be given when building starts.

On the 19 of October 2008, following a message about biblical attitudes towards money the church was challenged to give €20.000 towards the first phase of the project. Within a week we raised just under €25.000 and money continues to be given. As of the beginning of December 2008 we have raised €37.000.