Monday, 24 June, 2013

Almost there...

car_park.jpgSpent some time at the building Saturday to finish up the installation of the sound system - quite enjoyed myself. As you can see from the photo the lawn has gone. It was being dug out Saturday in preparation for the car park. Yesterday, after church, we moved a bunch of stuff from where we currently meet to the new building and the gravel had already been poured (or laid... whatever) The reason for moving stuff? Yesterday was our last day in St. Joseph school. We've been there for 12 years and it's time to move on.

sunday_school_2.jpgNext week, the 30th of June, we'll be having our first service in the new building! The plan to be finished by the 30th was drawn up a while ago but we didn't know whether we'd make it. The 30th is also my last Sunday as pastor of the church in Libramont as we are returning to the UK in July. I'm being replaced by Pierre who is a church member who has been doing theological studies for the last 4 years - the church is getting a real, live Belgian pastor who will be doing a 6 month 'test' from September.

creche.jpgWe're really excited that Pierre, and his wife Marianne, are going to be starting, actually, continuing, their ministry in the church in Libramont. Please pray for them.

projector_screen.jpgSo, things are moving quickly at the building. The previous two photos show the Sunday School room and the room for the little 'uns. The photo to the left of this text shows Olivier and Guy putting up the projector screen. I was really helpful - I handed up the screen whilst they were on the scaffolding. Let no-one say I'm without my uses!

disabled_loo.jpgA beauty shot of the disabled toilet. The tiling has been done (finished Sunday but I didn't have my camera) by Fran├žois' dad who has done an amazing amount of work at the building for us.

from_the_garden.jpgFinally, a view of the building from the back garden. Christian spent hours trimming and cutting and clearing in time for next week's service which, weather permitting, will be followed by a BBQ. More photos and walls of text to follow.

This blog is nearly at an end because our building project here in Libramont is nearly at an end. We'll archive it for posterity and a testimony to God's grace and love and his people's generosity in both time and money.

So many people have helped to make this building possible - from those who gave money to buy the old building and plot of land way back in the last century (yup, it's been going on that long) to those who have been faithfully showing up at the building over the last few months to get the work finished. The help has come from all over the world and we have been constantly amazed at how people have helped and supported us. Thank you!

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Jeannine on 24th June at 18:21 from GB

So great to see it nearly there.  PTL

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