Monday, 13 April, 2009

As fast as a speeding bricklayer

A once a week trip to see the building site will soon not be sufficient. Things are moving on at quite a pace. We now have proper walls and a few holes have been knocked through in the right places in the old building. Below are a bunch of photos that I took yesterday after our Easter service.

First up is the sign that we've had made. François from the building committee has been a fairly regular visitor to the site and has noticed that the road past the building is actually quite busy on weekdays. The local hospital is a stone's throw away and there is also a local school nearby.
We had an interesting discussion about whether to put a bible verse on the panel or not. The main problem was finding something suitable. We figured that "Repent and Believe" might have been a little too in your face. We finally chose Hebrews 3:4 "For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything."

This is a shot looking into the new hall via the entrance way. The old building is on the left. This week the floor should be done. It is going to be made of poured, smoothed concrete. In time we'll probably put tiles down too.

This is the far end of the new hall. The first round of plans had a window running down the centre, then we realised that that wasn't too clever as there would be something of a glow behind whoever was leading or preaching. So now we are going to have two windows. There was some question as to whether we'd do stained glass or not. The general concensus was 'not'.

Here we're looking back into the old building from the far end of the new hall. Holes have been knocked through for access to what will be rooms for the youth, Sunday school and crèche. The toilets and kitchen will also been in there. The new hall has more or less the same surface area as the old building.

Last photo! This is looking at the back of the hall from outside. The black line is floor level. The hole to the left will be a door and there'll be steps down to the ground... I hope.

As I commented before, things are moving fast. Inevitably the work will seem to slow down somewhat once all the big stuff is done. It's still amazing to see it all happening though. It's also a great motivator for the church to see the project moving forward like this.

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