Sunday, 18 April, 2010


front_door_3.jpgOK, firstly bardage isn't a rude word... it's the French for the boards that have now been put up on the sides of the new hall. As you can see from the photo they're greyish brown in appearance. If you could get closer you would be able to see that they look like wooden planks, except they're not. It's a material called "Eternite", so it should last some time even if the implied "Eternity" is probably something of an overstatement.

side_view.jpgThis is a view of the other side of the hall. Probably the most remarkable thing is the sunshine. It's been really nice and warm here today.

weeds.jpgAlthough it was hot outside, the inside of the hall was nice and cool. There are quite a number of weeds growing through the current floor. Next week M. Henri should be coming back to pour the concrete floors. Someone suggested that before he comes we hire some rabbits and leave them in the building for a week or so. Apart from the fact that no-one knew where you could hire rabbits there was also some discussion as to what you would do with them afterwards. "Eat them" was the least popular idea.

heating_room.jpgFinally, a shot from upstairs. There will eventually be a wall from floor to ceiling here. On the other side of the wall will be the heating room with a gas fired boiler for the heating system.

So, the work advances. Next week we have the church's Annual General Meeting. Fran├žois and Guy are going to be giving an update on the project and I'm going to be talking about the finances - I wonder why they leave that to me?

Up until now everything is on track but we shall have a pause after the next set of bills come in - for the bardage and the floors. We'll take stock of what we have left and see where to go from there. There are still quite a number of things to be paid for, not least the heating and electricity installations followed by materials for the interior walls. After that we'll have to start thinking about things like chairs, tables and other furniture. Still, there is time and we have a God who is both gracious and generous.

A number of people in the church are putting a lot of time and effort into the church building. Without them things would be moving either slowly or not at all. There is always the risk that those people get too overloaded with everything that is to be done - whether they put the pressure on themselves or whether it comes from other people. One of the things that I think we need to keep an eye on, something to care about, is the load on these people. God is not glorified if, at the end of the project, we have a bunch of people who are worn-out and fed-up because it's all been too much. We pray that God will give us the wisdom that we need to balance all the demands that this building project makes. In the end, people are more important than buildings and that is the 'hinge' on which our decisions must rest.

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