Monday, 21 January, 2013

Catching Up

Well, it's been about a month since my last update so it's time to catch up with what's happening. Six photos this time...

vans_and_crew.jpgTowards the end of December a team drove to Holland to pick up the chairs that I mentioned back in November. Two large vans were hired and the trip was made to a town near Rotterdam. The team consisted of François, Guy, Olivier and Christian.

chair_team.jpgWhen they got back to Libramont to unload there was help waiting. From left to right: Douglas, Francis, François, Guy, Olivier, Rianne, Jonathon and Christian. Manon, Olivier and Rianne's daughter is the one taking the picture.

kitchen_tiles.jpgMoving onto 2013 (Happy New Year!!) Work continues apace on the tiling. François has been very busy. The kitchen tiling is complete. François and Christian spent this past Saturday working at the building. I was hoping to go but ended up staying home with a sick child. Michel did however visit the building and took coffee with him which was gratefuly received no doubt.

main_hall_tiles.jpgIn the main hall a line of tiles has been laid which will provide a guide for all the other tiles. What this means is that, in theory, those of us who are less gifted in the area of tile laying might actually be able to help because the hard work of making sure everything is straight has already been done.

francois_at_work.jpgFinally, photos of François and Christian hard at work. Not 100% certain what François is actually doing here, making sure the gaps are right perhaps...

christian_in_the_snow.jpgChristian's van has been nicknamed "The Playmobil" but it's pretty handy for transporting loads around and Christian is always very willing to help. He also seems to be oblivious to the cold. Daytime temperatures have been around -5°c and at night time - you don't even want to think about it.

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