Wednesday, 20 March, 2013

Even more photos...

Michel and I went over to the building yesterday to visit François and his dad who were working on tiling the main hall. I took the "good" camera this time and came home with about 60 photos. I won't make you suffer them all, just a few.

elevated_view.jpgBecause I had my tripod and remote shutter release I had the bright idea of holding everything up in the air and taking an 'elevated' shot of the main hall. It worked and I didn't drop anything.

one_corner_tiled.jpgThis is the corner that François and Guy, his dad, have been working on. The corner represents about one day's work and the quality is awesome. If you've seen the tiling that I did in our bathroom you'll know why we needed the experts to do this job.

francois_mixing.jpgAnd François and Guy are experts, no doubt at all. This is a shot of François mixing up the glue for the tiles.

guy_tiling.jpgOnce the glue (is that the right word?) is mixed François applies a thin coating to the underside of the tile (60cm x 60cm) whilst Guy puts down a layer on the floor using a large trowel.

guy_tiling_2.jpgWhen the tile is in place Guy gently hammers it down to make sure everything is placed right and perfectly level. I think tat Michel and I could have stood watching this process all day, it's great to see professionals at work. They make it look so easy but I know that if I tried... well, let's just say no-one's going to be handing me a trowel any time soon.

toilets.jpgBack in the other half of the building Olivier and Rianne have been busy doing tiling too. They've made a great start on the toilets and have also done more work on the tiling in the smaller hall.

new_lights.jpgIn the kitchen the lights have been fitted and all of the ceiling tiles are in place. It looks very smart!

skylight.jpgFinally an arty shot through the overhead skylight. It had been raining so it makes for an abstract kind of view of the trees in the graden next door.

You can see the rest of the photos (minus the out of focus ones) here, but I can't guarantee they'll be there forever - just 'til I run out of space on my Dropbox account.

For a while now we've been asking people to donate to our building project through our 'other' website at We've recently gone past the 30,000 Euros mark - so many many thanks to everyone who has helped us!

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