Tuesday, 04 September, 2012

Evening Excursion

building_committee_2012.jpgWe had a meeting of the building committee at the building itself last night. This is the building committee circa 2012 - you can see the last photo of us here. I'm not in it because I'm behind the camera this time, which is probably for the best.

There were a number of things to discuss and we spent a while walking round and round looking at various bits and pieces. The two main things on the agenda for the coming months are the tiling of the floors and the installation of the ceilings in the old building. Once that's done we'll, hopefully, be able to get the heating installed - radiators and boiler.

bastogne_by_night.jpgIt was quite dark by the time we left and I travelled home the back way after dropping Keith off. As I had my camera with me I thought I'd try a night time shot looking across to Bastogne from the fields. Voici the result.

In my post from the 13th of August - the one below this one - I mentioned that we'd reached just over 14,000 Euros on our 1000x50 project. Well, less than a month later we're at a little over 28,000 Euros thanks to some very generous gifts that we've received from Belgium and the UK. A huge thank you to those who have given for our building and once again we're blown away by how the Lord provides for his church through his people.

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