Friday, 18 December, 2009

Feeling roofless

Meeting at 9:00am at the building along with one of the other members of the building committee and the architect. Signed some papers to place the order for the windows and doors.

architect.jpgTook some photos whilst I was there. The first one is taken from upstairs in the old building looking down. The man in the cap with his back to the camera is the architect. His hands are in his pockets because it was very cold: -6°c.

roofers.jpgFirst shot of the roofers in action. Again taken from upstairs. They are putting on the first of the sections of the roof. Each slab includes a waterproof bit (yeah, technical...), insulation and a plaster board. It looks kind of like building with Lego blocks.

roofers2.jpgThis one is taken from the ground floor with some roofer's legs visible. We stood watching them as they put all the scaffolding boards in place and then started hauling the roof slab up.

It's a great feeling to see things moving along like this after a rather long wait. We won't have the building "closed" before the end of the year but we're not to far behind. By the end of February 2010 we should have the doors and windows in and then the floors will be down along with the exterior cladding.

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