Thursday, 06 December, 2012

Looking Up

Before going further, a correction to my last post. I said that Guy had just got his 7.5t lorry drivers licence. Guy set me straight last Sunday - he's actually had his licence since 1989, he was just letting me know he was available to help. I was out by just over 23 years... need to work on my French comprehension. Sorry Guy.

ceiling_1.jpgOliver and Rianne have been busy at the building over the last week or so. They've been putting up the framing for the suspended ceiling. So far they have done the two front rooms and about half of the hall in the old building. It looks really nice, high quality work!

ceiling_2.jpgA few years ago I helped put up a similar ceiling at the kid's camp at Beho. It wasn't particularly easy so I can well appreciate the amount of work that Olivier and Rianne have managed to do in such a short space of time.

ceiling_3.jpgOne thing that does become clear but isn't very evident in these photos is that the ceiling in the old building is less than level. The new suspended ceiling is absolutely level - they did it using one of those new fangled laser pointer thingies - but as you can just about see in the photo the 'real' ceiling above doesn't quite follow the same line. The place that it's most obvious is if you look closely at the beams that run the length of the hall. At one end there is a gap of nearly 20cm between the concrete and the frame and 10cm at the other end. Still, you have to look to notice it.

Many thanks to Olivier and Rianne for their hard work!

Posted at 10:37 by Adrian


Daryl Anderson on 6th December at 14:29 from US

Looks great!  So thankful for the progress and continue to pray for completion!

Jeannine on 6th December at 15:55 from UK

It's great to see the progress and also the chairs previously.  Our God is indeed a great and wonderful God.

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