Friday, 23 March, 2012

More from the archives - Part 5

upstairs_before_1.jpgIt's been a while since I posted anything from the church archives but it just so happens that I was clearing out a cupboard today and found a small packet of old photos, three of which were taken at the building well before work ever started. The first two are shots of how the old building looked upstairs, probably around 2006.

upstairs_before_2.jpgThere were a number of tatty rooms built of breeze blocks. If I remember correctly they were used either to house chickens or pigeons - the mess was significant. We had a work day one Saturday at the building to knock all of the walls down and clean everything up. It was quite fun laying into the walls with a sledgehammer.

downstairs_before.jpgThis is how downstairs used to look. The floor was compacted earth and bricks. There were two garage doors only one of which opened properly. To the left of the picture you can just see some wooden doors. These doors led out to a shed type thing that we had to demolish. When we demolished it we discovered that the roof was made of asbestos - which proved to be quite expensive to get rid of as no-one, understandably, wanted to deal with it. On the far left is a picture. I have no idea what it was of or why anyone would hang a picture in a garage...

When I look at these photos I realise just how far we've come over the last few years. And that is thanks to the generosity of the people who have supported the project both financially and by giving their time to work at the building. Thanks are due also to our God who in his mercy and grace has provided us with a place to work on in the first place!

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zachary on 23rd March at 17:44 from BE

I really like the work you are doing your son zac

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