Sunday, 26 April, 2009

More holes

A quick visit, in the rain, to the building after this morning's service. Things continue to move really quickly. The contractor has started work on the old building and has created a number of new holes for doors and windows.

front_aspect.jpgFirst up, a view from the front. The two garage doors have been removed and space has been made for windows. When I arrived there were already a number of other church folk there having a look around. We all just ignore the "Stay off the building site" sign.

entrance2.jpgThe entrance. The wall now has its slope and to the left there is a hole for a large window. This lets a surprising amount of light into the downstairs. Should give the place quite an airy feel.

staircase.jpgFinally, the staircase. Although we won't be using much of the first floor initially we still need a way to get up there. So we now have stairs. The bottom step is rather tall, as I realised when I nearly tripped coming down after having a quick peek upstairs. We are planning on putting the heating unit upstairs which will give us a bit of extra space downstairs.

Last week marked the arrival (and payment) of our first invoice from the building contractor. 25,000 euros, or there abouts, in one go. I checked and rechecked the payment form in the online banking a number of times before clicking "Send". An auspicious moment.

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