Friday, 21 December, 2012

On the tiles

tiles_1.jpgLast week François and Oivier spent a considerable amount of time working at the building. They continued the work on the ceiling and also started laying tiles in the kitchen. Since theses photos were taken they've got even more done. I'm not sure whether that's François or Olivier in the photo, either way, whoever it is is certainly hard at work.

tiles_2.jpgIn this second photo you can see more of the ceiling and the tiles that have been put in place. The gaps are for panels that will have lights in. Olivier suggested that we recess the lights otherwise they'd be too low. Would be embarrassing to have people banging their heads on the light fittings.

Today François and Guy are driving up to collect the chairs and the tables that we bought a couple of weeks ago. They've hired two large vans and hopefully everything will fit. Rianne (Olivier's wife) has gone to act as translator. The journey is probably going to take about 5 hours each way. They left early this morning and will, no doubt, be home late. My only job in all this is to pay the bills! Many thanks to them for giving up their day to do drive all that way, and back!

Update: They're back! I wasn't 100% accurate with regards to who went. Guy and Christian went in one van whilst François and Olivier took the other. When they got back to Libramont they had help from Francis, Douglas, Jonathon, Rianne and Manon for unloading. Thank you to everyone! François is going to send me some photos soon so I'll post those when they arrive.

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