Sunday, 05 April, 2009


After saying that I would try to get some pictures of the foundations it turns out I'm too late. Mainly because of rain I haven't been to the site for a couple of weeks (yeah, lame excuse...) and going this morning before church we found the following. Looks like they've been busy!

The entrance to the site with the strict warning not to go in.
So I went in...
There wasn't too much mud as everything has been drying out over the last few days. Still managed to trail some back into the car though.

At the bottom of the photo is what will be the main entrance to the church. There'll be double doors all over the place: at the entrance, then to the left for access into the 'old' building and then another pair directly into the new hall.

This is looking back at the existing building and shows the new hole knocked through to create an internal passage between the old and new buildings.

Things are moving fast!
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guy on 13th April at 12:11 from BE

oui, c'est vrai que les travaux avancent vite et bien.

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