Monday, 16 March, 2009

Signs of Life

Well, just over a month ago I said that we were waiting for the snow to clear and the weather to turn. It has, there are signs of life at the building site - I suppose we can call it that officially now.

These two pictures show the extent of the work so far.

The worker's hut is self evident. The strings maybe less so. They map out the total area of the extension which will be the hall in which we meet on a Sunday morning. The picture is taken from where, one day, I'll stand when I preach. Except I'll be a couple of feet higher up. The strings also, I think, mark the floor level of the new building. We wanted the whole church to be "plein pied" - all on the same level. The plot of land that the building stands on slopes gently down from the road at the front.

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