Friday, 30 November, 2012

Something to sit on

It's been a whie since my last post here. I've not really forgotten, just been a little bit busy.

Some great news to share with you about how the Lord provides in sometimes unexpected ways. When we set about deciding a budget for the new church we reckoned that new chairs would cost us somewhere in the region of 10,000 Euros - the hall can hold up to 150 and we'd need chairs elsewhere too - though the kids and youth could probably just sit on the floor... That 10,000 Euros didn't include things like tables and other furniture.

chairs.jpgWell, just over a week ago I got an e-mail from Olivier and Rianne saying that they'd seen a bunch of chairs, 253 in fact, for sale via an eBay type site in Holland. They sent me some photos and after a brief consultation with the building committee we thought it worth making a bid. They ended up making an appointment to see the vendor and travelled, with Fran├žois, up to a town near Rotterdam to see the chairs. It turns out that they were being sold by a church and they were very happy to accept our offer of 1,500 Euros for the whole lot. That's the chairs on the left, in the photo.

tables.jpgThe story doesn't end there though. The people selling the chairs were so pleased that they were going to be going to another church that they 'threw in' 27 tables as well! 14 rectangular ones and 13 angled ones. All that remains is for us to transport them from Holland to Belgium and it so happens that the same day Guy told me that he'd just passed his 7.5t lorry licence. Now we need a lorry... we'll hire one I think.

Last Sunday Olivier brought one of the chairs to church with him and everyone (or at least quite a few of us) took turns sitting on it. Very comfortable and you won't slip down in the seat as you drift off during the sermon because the cushion is fixed...

God is good!

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