Monday, 12 March, 2012

The writing's on the wall

Some new news from the building project though I have no pictures this time. The heating company are going to start installing the heating this week. François called a meeting at the building Saturday morning to decide where to put all the radiators and the like. I wasn't able to attend but Olivier filled me in on what they did. Everywhere that they wanted the company to put a radiator they wrote on the wall, a kind of "radiator here" message. Hence the post title... sorry.

This morning I've payed just over 10000 Euros of bills. More than 7000 Euros was for the floor seen in the previous post. The rest was to pay for having the building connected up to gas and electricity. Apparently, once paid, they will come and do the work within 30 days. It'll be great to finally be connected because it will mean that Alain no longer has to drag his own generator into the building to provide power.

It suddenly feels like things have picked up speed which is kind of exciting really after a few months where things have been pretty dormant. If everything goes to plan (when does it ever...) within a months or so all the heating should be done, the second layer of insulated floor poured and maybe even the insulation of the old building should be completed.

Having said that, I've been writing the blog here at for just over three years now. The other night I read through the whole thing from beginning to end in one sitting. I found a few spelling mistakes which I shall leave for posterity but one thing that stood out as I read was how many times I said something was about to happen and then… it didn't. It may just be that I'm a lousy writer who has no clue about what is going on - a distinct possibility I admit - but it got me thinking. So far our building project has been an exercise in patience. Things simply haven't happened as quickly as we had hoped, or sometimes, had been led to believe, they would. I don't really think that anybody is at fault, building work seems just to be a little unpredictable like that.

So all this activity of the last few weeks, whilst encouraging hasn't removed the fact that we're having to learn to be patient, to jump on things that need doing as they come up but also not to get to stressed out when things take longer than planned.

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