Sunday, 12 May, 2013

Things are moving fast!

Although I've not updated the blog in a while that doesn't mean that nothing has been happening. In fact, it's been hard to keep up.

Over the last few months there have been people working at the building at every available opportunity including weekends and holidays. Things are moving fast and so much has been finished that I don't know where to start showing what has been done. A few representative photos will have to suffice.

mai_12_2013-1.jpgFirst up, the kitchen has been installed, and it looks very good. Many thanks to Sarah's family for coming to help! I mentioned ages ago that when we bought all the units we knew that they would fit with about 1cm to spare - well they fit and there is about 1cm to spare - if that. I've left out the photo where I'm reflected in the glass of the cupboard door.

mai_12_2013-2.jpgPretty much the whole building has been painted over the last few weeks and for the most part everything is white with grey/biege highlights. But not the crĂȘche room. As the photo shows it's bright - in fact the photo doesn't even quite do it justice. And it looks great. Rianne mentioned that she thought it was maybe a little eye watering and I suppose if you're in there for any length of time it could be overpowering but I have to say I love it. No dingy rooms here!

mai_12_2013-3.jpgThe other room at the front of the building is going to be for the Sunday School and somebody has obviously had some ideas for how it's going to be decorated. We have some talented artists in the church who are going to be doing their thing... the kids have a hand in the plans too but no-one is telling me anything.

mai_12_2013-4.jpgThe main hall is a bit crowded at the moment. Last week all of the chairs were brought down from upstairs in the other part of the building. Once down they were individually cleaned by the Cornette family - thank you! We're actually going to be selling on 100 chairs because we won't be needing 253 chairs anytime soon, or ever. Those 100 chairs are going to going to another church which is really great news. Share the love.

mai_12_2013-5.jpgOne thing you realise wandering around the building is that it is so light because of all of the big windows. We're going to have to put up some means of blocking at least a little of the excess light. Here Guy is noting down window measurements whilst Olivier (the photo underneath) does the measuring. Guy and Dominique know someone who makes good quality vertical blinds to measure for very reasonable prices - so we're going to at least get some quotes.

mai_12_2013-6.jpgI don't tend to single people out (too much) on the blog but it has to be said that Olivier, with his wife Rianne have been very much driving things over the last few months. They have been at the building every weekend and pretty much whenever they've had a spare moment. They have organised and encouraged and worked and planned and toiled. This doesn't in anyway minimise anybody else's contribution but I thought it needed to be said! Thank you Olivier and Rianne.

So, we're getting there. It has been amazing to see people's willingness to get involved and get their hands dirty doing all the bits of work that need doing to get us a finished church building. The building is great but you really get to see where the real church is.

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