Friday, 17 April, 2009

This is us...

We had a short meeting of the building committee "on site" last night. After a week of really beautiful weather it rained yesterday so the site was rather soggy. Lots of mud.

This is the committee standing in the rain. The photographer was in the old building. From left to right: Guy, Me, Fran├žois and Keith.

The work is going well. All four walls of the new hall are more or less up. There were a couple of details that the architect had spotted that will require attention but nothing serious (or costly). The only large change made was that the contractors had to use more concrete in the foundations than expected as the ground proved not to be as good as previously thought. Whilst doing the digging they found a German soldier's helmet - presumably from World War II. Finders, keepers on that one I think.

It looks as though the builders are probably about a week off finishing the walls. After that the roofer can come in to start measuring up and putting on the roof. We have also just received a quote for doors and windows - about 2000 euros under budget.

In my last post I mentioned that I thought the floor of poured concrete would be going down this week. I was wrong. They're going to wait until the roof is on. Makes sense I suppose, wouldn't really want the new floor being washed away. I did wonder though whether the gaping holes in the side of the building would make a difference...

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