Monday, 11 March, 2013

Warning : more photos than usual!

We visited the building after the service yesterday morning. Olivier, Rianne (omitted first time round - sorry Rianne!) and François have been very busy. They worked at the building on Saturday morning but I wasn't able to get over there with my good camera and forgot to take it yesterday so ended up using the one on my phone instead. Such is life, thank goodness for photo editing software.

kitchen_tiles_2.jpgFirst up we have the area around the kitchen where there are now more tiles than before. We were warned not to walk on them as they were only put down on Saturday. I lost count of the number of times we told the kids to be careful.

partial_kitchen.jpgSome of the kitchen units have been brought down from upstairs. I don't now whether this photo represents there more or less final position but it's interesting to see things in place. Actually, on reflection, no-one would leave a corner unit in the middle of the floor like that... would they?

small_hall_2.jpgIn the small hall the frames for the suspended ceiling are now finished and a few panels have been installed. Olivier has purchased about 30 light fittings that are to be inset into the panels - which explains some of the gaps as that work hasn't been done yet.

main_hall_radiators.jpgThe big news is that the rest of the heating has been installed. Downstairs there are now radiators in every room. They're larger than I was expecting but that should mean no-one gets cold in the winter. When it gets down to -10°c on a Sunday morning one appreciates good heating.

large_light.jpgThis light is on loan from a local supplier. Olivier and François installed it to give us an idea of how we could light the main hall. Eventually there will be six such lights each using a 60 watt economic bulb. Better than the 400 watt bulbs than were originally proposed. One thing we did notice yesterday was that even on a fairly gloomy day the hall is really quite bright. The lights will obviously help but we won't need them all the time.

new_downstairs_door.jpgThe open stair well to the first floor has now been completely closed off and a new door has been installed. Opening it and walking up the stairs leads to...

heating_system.jpg... the heating system in all its glory. The photo doesn't do justice to just how good it all looks. Olivier commented that the installation was "display quality". I wonder if this means that the installer is going to want to show people around. I guess that could be one way to get people into the church - "Come see our heating!!"

All in all François, Olivier and Rianne have made loads of progress over the last few months. There is still quite a lot to do but it is really encouraging to see how things are moving along.

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daryl anderson on 11th March at 13:50 from US

fantastic!   How are the finances coming?

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